2022/10/26 HPS
Live speech: using design thinking for health promoting policies
Considering the overwhelming responses of the HPS online seminars, as well as the sustainbility of this topic, we've decided to hold an extra live speech for Professor Didier Jourdan, the expert in the field of HPS! The topic will be "using design thinking for health-promoting policies", and anyone will be able to join online at 13:20 on Nov 1.

📌Topic: using design thinking for health-promoting policies
🌐YouTube Livestream:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgeE5LWgcu4

p.s. The speech will be conducted in Mandarin, with simultaneous interpreting.

Also, here's more resources provided by the speaker of health promoting school. Feel free to look into these if you're interested!
📎Resources of HPS:https://bit.ly/resilient-schools 
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