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The Ministry of Education has strengthened the self-management ability of primary and junior high school students to maintain their ideal body weight and promote health behaviors related to maintain the ideal body weight of primary and junior high school students. The K-12 Education Administration develops students’ ability of correct knowledge of maintaining ideal body weight by school education, standardizing the scope of campus drinks and snacks sales, including maintaining ideal body weight in the local government health promotion school implementation plan in Guidelines of Grades 1-9 Curriculum. In addition, The K-12 Education Administration produces relevant teaching resources, and build ideal body weight information on the student health self-management website to maintain student health.

According to the statistics of the Statistics Department of the K-12 Education Administration, the overweight and obesity of children in primary and junior high schools in the 102-106 school year dropped from 30.1% to 28.8%, while the over-light ratio increased from 12.6% to 13.4%. This shows that the Department continues to promote the effectiveness of overweight and obesity counseling, but it also raises the problem of increasing the number of underweight students. In the 107-108 school year, the project continued to actively participate in the high-risk schools in counties and cities to strengthen the guidance for maintaining ideal body weight. In addition to counseling overweight and obese children, to in line with the recommendations of the Executive Council's Action Plan for Enhancing Girls' Rights, strengthen the focus on underweight students, and extending to parental education. Expecting through the collaboration between schools and families can improve the overall effectiveness of promoting ideal body weight programs in campus.

Healthy eating habits need to be supported by healthy environment. In order to provide children with safe, nutritious and balanced eating environment, promote the health of school children and continue to implement results, the project has reached a consensus on the promotion of maintaining the ideal body weight of school children among the Central and local staff of the K-12 Education Administration, teachers and students of the school and parents and the professional dietitian team in Taipei Medical University.