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According to statistical data compiled by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, as of Mar. 31, 2017, the accumulated number of people in Taiwan who who had been infected with was 31,620. Among them, 7,404 were 15–24 years old; more than 50% reported within the past five years that they had HIV/AIDS , and at least 90% contracted HIV/AIDS through unsafe sex. Compared with the number of people who contracted HIV/AIDS in 2015, that in 2016 (664) was slightly higher. Accordingly, we continued to implement this project. In addition, we followed up on the four municipalities where we provided HIV/AIDS education consultation and demonstrations in 2016, and provided HIV/AIDS counseling and demonstrations to five other cities or counties. Furthermore, we hosted a national sexuality education results demonstration (which covered topics including HIV/AIDS prevention) on school campuses to elevate schools’ sexuality education promotion results. The project implemented for the 2017–2018 academic year was a 6-month long expansion project based on what was implemented for the 2016–2017 academic year.
Project Objectives
1. Elevated the HIV/AIDS knowledge and skills of teachers teaching HIV/AIDS prevention (three seminars were held in northern, central, and southern Taiwan).
2. Used the Project for the Ministry of Education to Help Local Government Promote Health Education on School Campuses as reference and made visits to schools accordingly; assisted key cities and counties in establishing health promoting schools to promote sexuality education (including HIV/ADS prevention).
3. Organized national sexuality education (which covered topics including HIV/AIDS prevention) teaching module competitions for elementary and secondary schools.
4. Provided sexuality education telephone consultation services and offered assistance in maintaining and enriching relevant website resources
5. Prepared HIV/AIDS prevention education promotional materials
Project Slogans and Directions
Sexuality education is an education out of love and one about character and morals. A healthy, positive perspective is adopted to teach healthy intimate relationships; Other than the teaching of sex knowledge, sexuality education should also encompass the instilling of correct values, the enhancement of sexual health abilities, and the prevention of sexual hazards.
Our project slogans and directions are as follows:
1. Project slogan: Holistic Sexuality Education, Love Self, Respect Others.
Holistic sexuality includes the physiological, psychological, social, ethical, legal, and spiritual aspects of human sexuality.
2. The Five Dimensions of Sexuality Education:
Learn how to love: Being in a healthy intimate relationship
Be kind to yourself : Engaging in self-affirmation and loving oneself
Respect each other: Respecting others and not forcing them to do things
Value sexual health: Preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases
Engage in holistic development: Emphasizing sexual social psychology and physiology
3. Project direction: Holistic 123
On the basis of the three-stage prevention concepts of public health, we introduced “Holistic 123” that solves sex problems at its core:
One core concept about love
Two dimensions of respect (i.e., respect self, respect others)
Three lines of prevention (delay sexual behavior, engage in safer sex, and manage sexual hazards properly)