HPS in World
[1920] School health service started to be advanced in schools to facilitate students' health.
 The WHO Expert Committee on School Health Services was formally founded for facilitating school health service.
 The Comprehensive School Health Program (CSHP) began to develop and stressed the concept that school is the center for facilitating health. The American School Health Association and the Association for the Advancement of Health Education actively advanced this program. After that, the Division of Adolescent and School Health, Centers for Disease Control suggested adjusting the content of the CSHP and renamed it Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP).
 Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was made public.
 The European Network of Health Promoting Schools (ENHPS) was formally established; by 1996, a total of 38 countries had joined the lineup for advancing HPS programs.
 The Australian Health Promoting Schools Association (AHPSA) was established.
 The WHO Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health Education and Promotion formally suggested advancing the Global School Health Initiative. In the same year, the Singapore Workshop on School Health Promotion and the Working Group on the Development of Health Promoting Schools were held in Singapore and Shanghai, respectively. Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japanese, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam attended the two meetings.
 The WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific formally promulgated the Regional Guidelines (for the) Development of Health-Promoting Schools—A Framework for Action. Taiwan's Ministry of Education also published the "Four-year Program of Improving Student Health" in 1996.
 Australia's HPS association developed and advanced a National Health Promoting School Initiative program.
[1998] The WHO amended and promulgated a guide for the WHO's Global School Health Initiative: Helping Schools to Become Health-Promoting School, which has become a norm for countries around the world to build HPS and advance HPS programs.
 Hong Kong began to advance the Healthy School Award Scheme. Phase 1 was 3 years, and a total of 100 primary schools, junior high schools, and special schools took part, which included the 6 categories of HPS. Taiwan's Ministry of Education renamed the Four-year Program of Improving Student Health as the Health-promoting School Program in 2000.
 Taiwan's Ministry of Education began to advance "Health-promoting School Programs"; in the next year, the Department of Health, Executive Yuan also began to lend an impetus to "Health-promoting School Programs".
 Taiwan's Department of Health, Executive Yuan undertook to compile "the Health-Promoting School Guidelines" (which was committed to the National School Health Association, R.O.C. for compilation).
 The Ministry of Education and Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, together with local governments, teachers and parents group representatives, worked together to advance the "Health-promoting School Program" (2004) and selected 48 schools to set the program in motion. And 120 seed trainers had completed training.
 Participating schools totaled 318, including 8 countries and cities. The Ministry of Education continued to advance "Local Government Subsidy of Health-promoting School Program Execution" (according to the Health Promoting School Program Selection Elements published by the Ministry of Education on March 23, 2005).
 Participating schools added to 516.
 Participating schools reached 773. 25 cities and counties took part in HPS programs. Completed and improved teaching resource development center, auxiliary support networks, personnel training center, HPS Websites, international cooperation and media marketing, monitoring and evaluation related support systems.
 The whole country advanced the HPS initiative, which was joined by over 3,000 schools.
 Establish "health-promoting school center" to provide a single window resource.
 The Ministry of Education advanced an evidence-based second-generation HPS mechanism - the Bureau of Health Promotion's "Health-promoting School Certification and International Cooperation Program".