6 Major aspects

(1)School Health Policy
  • [ A ]Shenkeng Primary School of Taipei County is an outstanding school in building "health mobilization" as a policy on the basis of the everlasting management of school campus.
  • [ B ]Kengliao Primary School of Taipei County promotes health fitness through dragon dance, family cycling on holidays, and a "health bank" policy to deposit health by oneself.
  • [ C ]The Principal of Wuku Junior High School, Taipei County, briefed on the health promoting school promotion committee of the school. Members of the committee include chiefs concerned of the school, chairperson and vice-chairperson of the parent-teacher association, li-ieaders, chairperson of the Rotary Club, chief of the Taipower, representatives of students, health education teachers. They perform their functions in full. For instance, health teachers supervise students to set up self health governance groups to promote health activities; the chief of the Taipower provides consulting and skills for vision promotion.

(2)School physical environment

(3)Social environment of schools
  • [ A ]Adjustment of work schedules: Shangan Primary School, Wuku Junior High School encourage health fitness activities in-between class sessions.
  • [ B ]Shenkeng Primary School of Taipei County and Shangan Primary School of Taichung City have removed fences to create a harmonious and friendly environment with the community.
  • [ C ]Kengliao School of Taipei County create harmonious relationship between students by using the special environment of their schools.

(4)Community relationship
Inviting community to participate in school activities can not only help the community understand the policies of the school, but it can also, through the establishment of supporting environments, help cultivate healthy behavior through concerted action of schools and families.
(5)Personal health skills
Pluralistic ways of health teaching such as Kengliao and Dingfan primary schools trained seed teachers to teach students tooth-brushing; Shangan Primary School taught students to say good things and to respect each other; Chengping Primary School Integrated health teaching in various courses.
(6)Health service