2022/07/01 Eye Care
Winner announcement of 2021 Excellent School on Vision Care Promotion

Announced by K-12 Education Administration, MoE, the list of winners of "2021 Excellent School on Vision Care Promotion Contest" is as following:
Award School
High Distinciton Award Xinkou elementary school, NewTaipei City
Chongpu elementary school, Chiayi County
Hemu elementary school, Chiayi County
Excellence Award Chulien elementary school, Hsinchu City
Kinding elementary school, Kinmen County
Jieshou elementary school, Lienjiang County
Excellence Honor Xinmen elementary school, Hsinshu City
Linsen elementary school, Chiayi County
Tzulong elementary school, Tainan City
Ciaotzu elementary school, Pingtung County

Congratulations to all adwarded schools!
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