2017/03/31 Safe Medication
Xizhou Elementary School "The Safe Medicine Microfilm" and "Healthy Campus Anchor" Premiere
Issued by: Xizhou Primary School, Houlong Town, Miaoli County
Contact person: Luo,Ya-ling (Nursing)
Contact number: 037-723853#13

    In 2017, the health promotion media marketing in the history of the Xizhou National History - "The Safe Medicine Micro Movie" and "Health Campus Anchor" was held at the Student Activity Center at 1:20 pm on March 30, and combined with Children's Day. During the series of activities, all the fifth and sixth grade students who participated in the performance were arranged to take the Avenue of Stars and interviewed. Let the children leave a different children's day filled with joy.
    Xizhou Elementary School promoted health promotion schools for many years. The teachers and students of the school together mobilized creative ideas and made the boring health issues lively and interesting, and gained a lot of positive affirmation. In this semester, in order to implement the Health Promotion School Project, the implementation of "Participation in Parent Participation", "Community Alliance Cooperation" and "Life Skills Integration Teaching" will show the results of the school's promotion of health issues, especially for schoolchildren to perform actor performances. Use drugs? In addition, the anchor and reporters conducted a special report on the campus news, and showed the school school-based curriculum highlights through a variety of lively audio-visual media recording methods. I hope that through different forms of health promotion, children will grow up in a healthy and healthy way, and will influence the people around them to live a healthy and happy life together.
    The children learned the concept of correct medication and healthy eating in the humorous and funny film. Every child in the performance, the smile on the face is blooming, the students involved in the performance by the superstar welcome, but also the first time to see their own appearance on the big screen. All the expression of self-confidence, joy and tension is unforgettable! Dr Lo Yaling said: "Through the Health Promotion School Premiere, students, teachers and parents can attach importance to health issues."

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