2022/07/27 Ideal Body Weight
How Award Schools Create an Healthy Environment in Campus with Ideal Body Weight Promotion
  To enhance the promotion of ideal body weight in campus, K-12 Education Administration, MoE, emphasizes the idea of mental health this year. In addition, 
Award Schools of 2021 Good Practice on Ideal Body Weight Promotion was announced recently. There are 3 schools receiving High Distinction Award, 6 Excellence Award, and 4 Excellent Honor. For more information, please visit https://hps.hphe.ntnu.edu.tw/.

  K-12 Education Administration, MoE, explains the outstanding features of schools of High Distinction Award: Xichin elementary school, Tainan City, uses methods such as "5 mins before eating" class, "Class Rules of Healthy Life," and "Student's Healthy Passport"; Beixin junior high, Chiayi County, provides students with various programs such as excercising classes, outdoor activities, sugar-reducing campaigns for reaching ideal body weight; Jichin elementary school, New Taipei City, develops courses like "agriculture and diet" and established numerous excercising clubs, creating an healthy campus environment.
As for Excellence Award Schools and Excellent Honor Schools, there are various methods that different schools use to enhance the promotion of ideal body weight. K-12 Education Administration recognizes all schools' efforts, and hope to see more creative approaches that bring joy and health to both faculty and students.
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