2021/10/29 Ideal Body Weight
Implementation plan of 2021 Excellent School on Healthy Body Weight Promotion Contest
"2021 Excellent School on Healthy Body Weight Promotion Contest"

  • Purpose:
To carry out the philosophy of Health Promoting schools and establish a healthy, happy campus, the selection is held to encourage schools that actively promoted on-campus healthy body weight and displayed a successful school-based effort. The selection will yield a successful model for schools to learn from each other and strengthen the foundation of health promotion schools. This would reinforce students' self-management ability and health literacy, which includes eating healthy, exercising, sufficient sleep, and other healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Organizers:
1. Host unit: K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education
2. Assistance unit: National Taiwan Normal University
3. Sponsors: Municipal and county-level education bureaus
  • Participants:
Nationwide elementary, junior high, high schools
  • Selection process:
1. Groupings: A, B, and C groups. Each school can only register for one group.
(1) A group: Elementary schools 
(2) B group: Junior high and high schools 
(3) C group: Schools listed as remote or in need in 2020 and 2021, and the aboriginal schools. 
2. The municipal education bureaus and county (city) level education offices will hold selection accordingly and submit a list of recommended schools to the hosts. Recommendation quota:
(1) Elementary schools: At least 1 A group or C group school (maximum: 3)
(2) Junior high schools: At least 1 B group or C group school (maximum: 2)
(3) County (city) level high schools: Registration restricted to B group. No planned enrollment figure.
3. National high schools: Registration restricted to B group. Documents should be forwarded directly to National Taiwan Normal University.
4. Winners from the 2019 and 2020 selection cannot register.
  • Schedule and submission documents:
1. Before April 8, 2022 (Friday), every municipal education bureau and county (city) level education office will send a sealed recommendation list of schools (attachment 1) to Nation Taiwan Normal University. An editable electronic file should also be sent to: hps.whc@hps.homes

2. Candidates should have their review documents, including the four files in the attachment section and the corroborating documents (CDs) ready and delivered straight to Miss OU,TING-JUN from NTNU Health Promotion and Health Education department  by May 2, 2022.
  • Selection process:
1. Preliminary review:
Carried out b a screening committee of relevant scholars called by the K-12 Education Administration, MOE. Results of the preliminary review will be out by mid-May, 2022. 13 schools will be selected as "Outstanding Physical Fit School".
2. Final: 
A. Final meeting held by late May 2022. The selected 13 schools will have an online presentation on the following two items: 
a. 20-minute oral presentation on the hand-in documents
b. 20-minute Q&A
B. The final meeting will be held online, Screening committee will carry out a comprehensive assessment to determine the "High Distinction Award", "Excellence Award", and "Honorable Mention Award" from each group. The winner list will be out in June, 2022 on this website.
  • Selection criteria:
1. Reviewing materials from 2020 to 2021
Item Percentage
School Health Policy 15%
Social environment and material culture of school  15%
Community relations 10%
Teachings and activities 15%
Health service 10%
Distinguishing strategies 25%
Tangible outcomes 10%
  • Awards:
1. "High Distinction Award": three schools from three groups, each rewarded with a 10,000 NT dollar prize.
2. "Excellence Award": six schools from three groups,  each rewarded with an 8,000 NT dollar prize.
3. "Honorable Mention Award": 4 schools from three groups, each rewarded with a 5,000 NT dollar prize.
4. There is a quota of 13 winners. However, if selection criteria aren't met, there can be prize not awarded. 

Contact information:
Contact: Miss OU,TING-JUN, Department of Health Promotion and Health Education, National Taiwan Normal University
Contact address: No. 162, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106209, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact phone: 02-7749-1715
email: hps.whc@hps.homes