2021/07/01 HPS
Press Release of the Ministry of Education: Learning "7 Healthy Living Strategies" at Home to Protect Children's Physical and Mental Health
In order to protect the physical and mental health of students, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, county and city governments, experts and scholars, and school communities are working together to promote "health promotion schools." Recently, the epidemic has heated up. Some parents work at home, and their children suspend classes to study online at home. Families have become an important health promotion field. The National Education Department has listed 7 strategies for healthy living and invites parents to prevent the epidemic at home with their children to promote physical and mental health.
1. A balanced diet and less sweets: five fruits and vegetables every day to prevent epidemics at home, to avoid increased intake of sweets and sugary beverages, which will affect the normal three-meal diet.
Physical activity should be maintained: During the epidemic prevention period, it is recommended to use safe social distancing and wearing a mask. You can use more places such as home courtyards, building top floors, balconies or corridors to maintain 120 minutes of physical activity a day.
2. Clean teeth after meals and before going to bed: In addition to cleaning teeth after eating and before going to bed to prevent dental caries, using toothpaste with a fluoride content of more than 1000ppm and throat gargle can reduce the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity and reduce upper respiratory tract infections Opportunity, or shorten the course of upper respiratory tract infection.
3. Protect your eyes every day for good eyesight: increase the 3C use time for home office work and study. It is recommended to use the screen stop software to remind family members to use the eyes at close range for 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes. Looking into the distance from the window, stepping and stretching in place, chatting with family members, and doing housework are all good ways to relax your eyes.
4. A good time to stay away from smoke damage: take off your mask and smoke, in addition to putting yourself at risk of infection, second-hand smoke also increases your family's risk of carcinogenesis and infection, turning it into a breach in epidemic prevention. Create a smoke-free family, encourage family members to quit smoking, win health, and successfully fight the epidemic.
5. Many Internet message traps: During the epidemic prevention and staying at home, they will be exposed to more Internet messages, reminding children to use the Internet healthy and safe, including: stay alert and rational in online dating and chat, and refuse the temptation of e-cigarette advertisements. It is recommended to use the "Internet Guardian Angel" software and APP of the Ministry of Education to prevent harmful websites from infringing.
6. Good physical and mental health: The regular routine of adequate rest and sleep during the epidemic prevention period should not be neglected. In addition to drawing up a daily study or work schedule, there must also be appropriate leisure activities, such as: playing board games, reading picture books, and listening Music, etc., to enhance emotional stability. Parents can also encourage their children to interact with teachers and classmates in online learning, reduce the sense of isolation between people and self, and maintain positive and optimistic physical and mental health.
  The National Education Administration stated that children’s health is still important during the epidemic. Parents and children are invited to participate in activities to maintain their children’s physical and mental health. For more information, please visit the "Taiwan Health Promotion School" (http://hps.hphe.ntnu.edu) .tw/) Website reference.
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