2021/04/13 Sexuality Education
2021【 National Sex Educational Micro-Film Competition】Extend the deadline to 5/3
[109 National High School Sex Education (Including AIDS Prevention) "Treasure Yourself, Cherish Others" Micro Film Creation Competition]
In order to make sufficient time for school production, the deadline for receipt was extended to May 3, 110 (Monday).
Please upload works and registration materials to https://reurl.cc/LdkgaL
Since the cloud drive has set permissions, please make use of the daytime to request access to the organizer in advance. The organizer will set the permissions and reply as soon as possible when the organizer receives the request.
Please go to this link to obtain the application form, work information form, and word file of authorization and consent form:
If you still have any doubts, please contact Ms. Yang Zhiyan of the Xingling Medical Foundation at 02-29333585. E-mail: mercymem@gmail.com.
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