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2020 of life skills integration into health issues creativity Contest Life Skills Health Tool Book Selection Activity
1.The origin and purpose of the activity:
“Health promotion “refers to the process of empowering the abilities of people to control and improve their health. Therefore, schools should identify age-appropriate, learner-oriented core concepts and important life skills related to different health issues, and provide practice opportunities for students to learn and proficient life skills, such as: decision making, problem solving, self-management and advocacy, etc., to cultivate students' health literacy to respond to and solve health problems and needs in life.
In order to assist schools to promote life skills integration into the teaching and activities of health issues, encourage teachers and students to have a deep understanding of the application of life skills in school and community life, and cultivate students' spirit of flexible thinking and diverse learning, specially organized the "2020 of life skills integration into health issues creativity Contest Life Skills Health Tool Book Selection Activity" provides a forum for school teachers to produce achievement, and provides the winner's work for reference and use in schools across the country, and becomes a seed for building the ability of life skills across the country. This selection activity hopes to encourage school teachers at all levels to guide students to deepen the application of life skills to actual healthy life situations and combine the "Life Skills Health Tool Book" with school health promotion related teaching or campus activities as a multi-evaluation project of health teaching, hope students can maintain a healthy life
Share your own experience and journey of applying life skills in context to practice healthy living and improve health literacy!
Handling unit:
(1) Sponsors: Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education
(2) Organizer: National Chiao Tung University
Participants: students in public and private schools at all levels and below high school
(1) Divided into 3 categories: "Elementary School", "Junior High School" and "High School "
(2) Each work: 2-4 students, invite classmates or friends to co-create and guide by 1 teacher
Description of selection content:
(1) Design project: life skills health reference book
(2) Subject content
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