2022/12/05 HPS
The "2022 Pre- and Po- test Effectiveness Evaluation" and "Campus Health Anchor"
Project Aim
To encourage the active implementation of Health Promoting School and the development of school-centered health promotion events on campuses. This project stands on the three-dimensional ground: "taking the initiative," "engaging the public", and "seeking the common good", responding to the 108 curriculum competencies and hopes to strengthen the practice of school-based health promotion work. It also aims to enhance the establishment of a supportive environment on empirical health promotion, combining strategies such as "life skills", "parental engagement", "community alliance". This selection is held to present the result of nationwide on-campus health promotion campaigns, to set learning paradigms and provide a platform for experience exchanges.

Activity one: "2022 Pre- and Po- test Effectiveness Evaluation Achievement Report
🌱 Activity Description: Schools that implemented health promotion pretest and postest evaluation in the past two years but did not register for the 2022 academic year selection. Please submit an electronic file of the achievement report before the due date.

🌱Target Issue for Selection:
(1) Starting from this academic year, the number of awards assigned to certain health issues is no longer restricted. Schools should either select one issue or integrate various health promotion issues from "Eye Care, " "Oral Care, " "Physical Fitness," "National Health Insurance/ Appropriate Medication," "Smoking Hazards/ Betel Nut Control," "Sex Education (including AIDS Prevention) " and "Positive Mental Health Promotion".

(2) "Cross-Issue Health Promotion Integration" takes on a whole-school approach. It evaluates demands on a comprehensive level, drafts strategic objectives, designs action plans, evaluates health campaign effectiveness, to enhance the overall quality of on-campus health promotion."Cross-Issue Health Promotion Integration" aims to develop students' sufficient health literacy, health well-being, and learning ability.

Nationwide public and private elementary, junior high schools, high schools and vocational schools.
Registration by school. The maximin is three persons per team. One-person registration is also accepted.

Activity two: "Campus Health Anchor"
🌱 Activity Description: Students play as anchors and carry out an editorial coverage of the school's health promotion projects, integrating multimedia into the exhibition of health promotion achievements. This academic year, we expect students to be a part of health behaviors and health literacy enhancement in response to the 108 curriculum. Thus, bonus points are offered for students who make clips to display their ways of putting health knowledge into practice in daily life health scenarios. Examples include smart decision-making, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, self-health monitor, and other life skills.
🌱Topics: Topics revolve around "taking the initiative" engaging the public", and "seeking the common good",  which is under the 2022 Health Promotion School scope. These topics focus on developing a literacy-based curriculum in school-based health promotion practices, including the experiencing, exploring and implementing, performing and exercising of health issues during their learning journey.
Nationwide public and private elementary, junior high schools, high schools and vocational schools.
Anchor and interviewers: students only, with a maximum of 5 people. Individual and team registration are both accepted. 
Instructor: Principle, director, deans, teachers (including substitute and intern teachers ), school nurse, community pharmacists, parents,... , maximum: 3.

All schools are welcome to register!
For detailed regulations and sign-up forms, please refer to the attachments.