2021/02/04 Sexuality Education
[2021 National High School Sex Education (Including AIDS Prevention) "Treasure Yourself, Cherish Others" Micro Film Creation Competition] Implementation plan
Activity goal
Sex education is a kind of "love education" and "character education", teaching healthy intimacy. Healthy intimacy expresses love, care, and kindness, and it is a long-term stable relationship.
Therefore, sex education not only teaches sex knowledge, but also pays more attention to the clarification of values, the shaping of a healthy personality, and the establishment of the ability to love oneself and respect others.
Xingling Medical Foundation specially organizes this micro-film creation competition, inviting campus video talents to create micro-films with the significance of promoting adolescent sexual health based on life experience, expressing the following images of sexual health, and achieving the goal of entertaining and teaching , To promote the effectiveness of students' classroom learning, and to develop into a publicity media to promote school sex education in the future.
1. Love must learn: intimacy must be healthy
2. Treat yourself well: self-affirm and love yourself
3. Respect for others: Respect each other without reluctance
4. Pay attention to health: avoid sexually transmitted diseases

Event handling unit
1. Guidance unit: National and Preschool Education Department of the Ministry of Education
2. Organizer: Xingling Medical Foundation
Video theme (single theme or cross-theme can be selected)
1. Physical and mental adjustment during adolescence
2. Healthy interpersonal and intimacy
3. The safety of online dating
4. AIDS prevention and treatment

Vocational students in public and private elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools across the country. Can participate in teams, up to 10 students for each work, not cross-school competition. For each work, one or two instructors are required to guide, and they must be teachers who are currently teaching (including substitute teachers). The instructor can guide multiple team students to participate in the competition. Each school can submit at most five papers.

All counties, cities and schools are welcome to sign up!
For detailed methods and registration forms and other documents, please click below to download the file attachment